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February Typographic Quotes

The month of love

February is hands down one of my favourite months of the year. I mean, it really helps that it's my birthday on Valentine's Day (if you'd like to pop that lovely little nugget of info in your diaries please feel free), but I think what I really love about it is leaving behind January and getting into the flow and rhythm of a fresh four weeks. I find January a really difficult month to get through. It's long, money's tight, it's dark, usually rainy, miserable, and most of us are just trying to shake off the guilt and despair of eating way too much at Christmas and drinking all the wine. It's just not my vibe.

Turn that calendar over to February my friend, and it's a whole new ball game. Daffodils and tulips are on the up, bringing with them a little glimmer of spring and it's exciting new awakenings. The evenings get lighter and dare I say it the weather gets slightly better in Bristol around this time? If not, sometimes it snows, and that's just as exciting in my books.

Below you'll find a little collection of typographic quotes that seem fitting for this month. I love the idea of February being chapter 2 of 12 - it makes everything seems more achievable after slogging it through a long old January.


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