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Luxury wedding stationery elements: 5 details that will elevate a luxury design

So often when we chat about wedding stationery, we focus solely on its design. Don’t get me wrong: I’m a sucker for a good design and think it’s crucial, but I also know it’s only half of the job when creating beautiful wedding stationery. The other half is less talked about: the experience. The little details are what elevates beautiful wedding stationery to luxury wedding stationery; what turns great, eye-catching stationery design into incredible, game-changing luxury stationery design.

We all know the excitement of post landing on our doorstep (actual, real life letters are a novelty nowadays, right? Even bills come through on emails now…) Now, imagine how you’d feel about the arrival of a jaw-dropping wedding invite that’s been designed for ultimate enjoyment: where every detail has been considered, and contributes to an overall experience that will wow every recipient. That’s the power of luxury wedding stationery.

Can luxury wedding stationery be minimal?

So often we think luxury and glamour have to equal design that’s grand, over-the-top and in-your-face, but my style is on the minimalist side, and so is my approach to luxury design.

To me, luxury design means carefully considered designs that work harmoniously, and which give specific elements the breathing space to really make an impact, rather than cramming a design so that it feels cluttered and stressful.

If you’re finding it hard to visualise what this could look like, don’t worry – here’s 5 of my favourite ways to add a luxurious experience to your stationery suite, guaranteed to take it from gorgeous to jaw-dropping:

Luxury wedding stationery details

Handmade paper and silk ribbons

Creating luxury wedding stationery starts from the very foundations: the materials you choose.

Take, for example, the paper your invitations are printed on. What colour paper would you like? What thickness? Would you like a textured look? And what do you want it to feel like?

In my opinion, the best paper choice for luxury wedding stationery is handmade paper. It’s got a perfect thickness - solid, whilst still feeling elegant – and is always beautifully textured, making it a total delight to touch. Plus, don’t get me started on those deckled edges – chef’s kiss!

This extends to silk ribbons, too. Sure, ribbons always denote something pretty exciting, but this goes to a whole new level when they’re lovingly hand dyed by an independent artisan.

The end product is always 100% unique, created for you, and lends the perfect artisanal touch to your luxury wedding stationery.

Gold foil

Gold foil is another incredible option that will immediately elevate your wedding stationery. In fact, I’m willing to bet that when I said the words “luxury wedding stationery’, your mind might have immediately jumped to it!

Highlighting your stationery with gold foil is a great way of giving your luxury design the focus it deserves. Your wedding details will shimmer and sing as the light bounces off them.

(Love the idea of foil, but not gold? There are loads of other colours of foil too, which can look just as magnificent.)

Embossed envelopes

Your guest’s experience of a wedding invite starts the moment it hits their doormat, which means your guest’s experience of luxury wedding stationery starts with the envelope.

For this reason, I love adding personalised touches to the envelope. One of my favourites is an embossed element: understated but with maximum impact, this delicate detail adds so much. Use a motif that’s carried throughout your stationery, or perhaps a monogram you’ve had designed (one of my favourite things to do for couples, too!).

Gold gilt edges

Thought we’d finished with the gold? Never…

Another luxury wedding stationery option that I adore is a gold gilt edge. This is the ultimate mark of sophistication, as it’s only just visible from the front face. It packs most of its punch from the side view, but this only makes it an even more spectacular option in my opinion, as it’s really a full package experience! From the front: it’s sleek, chic, with just the slightest hint of luxury. From the side: hello full foil loveliness.

Wax seals

And of course, I couldn’t write a blog post about luxury wedding stationery options without mentioning my one true love: wax seals.

There’s something undeniably romantic and intimate about a wax seal. Maybe it’s because it’s reminiscent of secret lovers surreptitiously passing swoon-worthy notes in years gone by; maybe it’s because it evokes the image and warmth of close, flickering candlelight; maybe it’s because it’s a tactile sign of this invite having been a labour of love.

Whatever it is, it works. Similarly to the embossing above, the design of your wax seal can be whatever you choose: a floral motif that echoes your luxury design, perhaps, or a personalised wedding logo made specially. You can also opt for wax seals in a range of different colours and finishes (marbled wax seals, anyone?), so they truly are the ultimate luxury wedding stationery finish, and personalisable for every suite.

These are just 5 of my favourite luxury wedding stationery elements, but there’s so many more! If you’re looking for elevated, luxury design for your wedding stationery, then I’d love to chat through it with you - get in touch here. Alternatively, to see more ways to add luxury details to your stationery have a look through my Instagram...


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