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Roake Studio Rebrand

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Playful, refined and stylish logo design for a sustainable, small batch womenswear clothing company

The wonderful client

With a huge passion for sustainable materials and conscious creations, Roake Studio's luxurious clothing has been designed to last forever. After my initial call with founder Rosie I got an incredibly powerful sense of she's designed her company to not only reflect the slow, steady and fruitful nature of their idyllic location in the the Isle of Wight, but how she's also giving back to her community along the way. If you follow Rosie and her team of talented creators on Instagram (oh look, there's a handy little link right here for anyone who doesn't) you'll know Rosie is a big advocate of providing training and employment opportunities to local young women in their rural community. Each garment the team make is also named after a wonderful woman, such as the Nicole jacket which you can read more about here on their blog.

You'll probably have also spotted a few clever little initiatives that make this brand really stand out from the crowd when it comes to making a big impact such as selling bags of offcuts from the materials they make the clothes out of along with a little ideas sheet on what to make with them.

So in summary, it's safe to say I was extremely excited to be working with Rosie on a new look for their logo. Here's how it went...

Before and after:

The creative brief

Create a logo that reflects the flexible and unique nature of Roake Studio's ethos. Their clothing is all about longevity; buying less and wearing more. We know there's so many circumstances in which a body can change; fluctuating weight, pregnancy, fertility, periods and general physical and emotional demands and pressures of day to day life which we have little or no control over. No matter what how your body changes, these clothes are here to adapt to you - not the other way around, so the new look should reflect this idea.

Initial logo ideas

The playful typography of the logo design reflects the unique nature of the business, with an emphasis on fluidity and adaptation. We used a natural palette peppered with forest green hues as well as some brighter and bolder accent colours of rust orange and blush pink.

Although this wasn't a full rebrand, we explored the main logo design, submark, secondary logo and colour palette to ensure the essence of Roake Studio came through.

A few stipulations: Keep the word 'Studio' and under no circumstances can we use serif fonts, so sans serif all the way.

True to form this first design wasn't a million miles away from the final one. It feels *exceptionally* great when this happens.

Developing the favourite designs

Develop? I'm not even joking when I say, there was hardly anything to develop. I'm *so* pleased to say that Rosie absolutely loved one of the initial designs, and after some small tweaks the logo was complete!

The chosen design

You can see more on the final project in my portfolio section.

See my work in real life:

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