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The Colour Collection | No.2

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Warm and bold colour palette

I know warm colours palettes are having a bit of an 'I'm everywhere' moment right now, but I think there's probably a good reason for it. They emanate a sense of exciting energy in all the right ways. Are you trying to create a look that's cosy, mellow and kind? Try a warm colour palette. Are you trying to create a look that's sultry, sophisticated and contemporary? Try a warm colour palette. If you're looking to engage and excite your audience; try a warm colour palette.

The spectrum of colours making up these warm hues produce some pretty powerful emotions because the tones are usually inspired by nature. From bright glistening gold sunlight to the caramel tones of sand, intense orange fires and delicate speckles of Himalayan pink salt - there's a unique human connection to these elements that sparks a natural energy. This connection between human and nature is pretty deep, and is one reason why using these tones in your work can give a natural sense of trust to everyone who interacts with it.

I've selected a modern palette of five colours which give a wonderful sense of romantic energy. Enjoy!

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